Child therapy services

Learning to communicate is part of growing up. For some children it is easier than others.
Children may struggle with speech clarity, pronouncing certain sounds, putting words together in a sentence, or other language and speech difficulties, all of which can be addressed with some guidance and assistance.

The earlier that any speech, language and communication difficulties, are recognised and addressed, the better it will be for the child.

Individual assessment and therapy is offered to children of all ages.

Child service options:

  • Speech and/or language assessment
  • Individual speech and/or language therapy
  • Liaison with relevant pre-school/school staff
  • Liaison with other relevant health professionals
  • Home/school programmes
  • Parental programmes on offer include Hanen ‘It takes two to talk’, and ‘More than words’.
  • Reports
  • Onward referral to other health professionals where appropriate